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The supply chain behind arkitaip

Posted by Lea Wieser on

Our design philosophy is to make timeless pieces which are of the highest quality and therefore made to last, celebrating the creative power of human beings without sacrificing our planet. The design process starts with us thinking about how we can harm the environment as little as possible, while creating something beautiful.

Our fabrics

On our journey to find the perfect material for our pieces, we decided on linen due to its extremely environmentally friendly features. Plus, it’s a beautiful fabric with the most elegant drape that keeps its promise to last for years to come.

We source all our materials from Europe, so we can keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. Our linen was woven and grown in Europe, while its mother plant was equally cultivated on European grounds under EU-regulated standards.

Our fabrics are grown and woven in Europe. Our suppliers’ mills are based in Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Our Austrian linen is certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which ensures that the fabric's supply chain is made from certified organic natural fibres. Plus, they're a member of the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp (CELC)Our Italian linen is certified with the MASTERS OF LINEN®-mark, a sign of excellence for linen 100% made in Europe - from field to yarn to fabric. Our Czech mill also uses MASTERS OF LINEN®-yarn. On top of that, both are certified with the Oeko Tex-standard, certifying the human-ecological safety and the socially- and environmentally sound conditions of our linen.

To prove our claim, we are more than happy to provide you with all the necessary certificates when asked for.

The yarn used for our bikinis is made of 80% recycled- and 20% virgin linen, a fiber blend which has a strong and durable structure and is anti-bacterial. To make our pieces beautiful, yet functional, our swim wear is lined with a fabric made of 100% ECONYL®.

By turning plastic, deriving from old fishnets and post-consumer waste material, into a high-performance swimwear fabric, ECONYL® aims to provide a solution to the plastic problem our oceans are currently facing.

And for us it’s the ideal solution to turn our dream to create environmentally friendly swim wear into reality.

Our production

Our wovens-range is produced in close collaboration with our sewing studio in the beautiful Porto in the North of Portugal. Owned by a mother and her daughter, they equally believe in a fair, ethically- and environmentally responsible way of producing. Sewn together by seven amazing ladies, each wovens piece is produced in limited quantities.

alt="Portugal porto factory"

Our crochet-line is gently hand made by Michi, co-founder of arkitaip in limited quantities, thriving from timeless quality and uniqueness, combining new, sustainable technologies with handcraft and artisan traditions. Our aim was to create swim wear that is cruelty-free, made to last, holds its shape and is friendly to you and the environment, while functional and beautiful at the same time.


Intrigued and you want to know more? Give us a call and let's talk. 

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