The GUPPYFRIEND™ washing bag


  • The GUPPYFRIEND™ washbag
  • The GUPPYFRIEND™ washing bag

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The GUPPYFRIEND™ Washing Bag protects your garments and reduces the amount of microplastic which synthetic garments are releasing when being washed.


When we wash synthetic garments, countless tiny plastic particles called microfibers are released and make their way into our rivers, oceans and lakes. There, they cause a huge problem: they concentrate pervasive bacteria and pollutants, causing fish and other aquatic beings to suffer from gastrointestinal infections which in turn result in reproductive problems and starvation. And slowly, those problems are working their way up the food chain, turning micro plastic into a huge health risk for all of us.

The GUPPYFRIEND™ washing bag is a patented solution which filters out microfibers. The self-cleaning fabric bag is made of a specially designed micro-filter material.

  1. Put your garments into the GUPPYFRIEND™ - please make sure not to overfill and seperate colours accordingly.
  2. Close it and wash as usual - click here for more information on how to wash in a more eco-friendly way.
  3. After washing, take out the garments and collect the released microplastics from the hems inside of the washbag.
  4. Throw the microplastics in the trash.
Made of 100% polyamide, the GUPPYFRIEND™ can be fully recycled.

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