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Our next pop-up is around the Corner: August 12-17, Port of Skiathos - details follow

Our ethos

How we roll

Our ethos is simple: to live and love a more conscious life.

We care about our planet and the beings that inhabit it and are aware of the planetary boundaries. And this is in a context, where the environmental crisis is at its peak with little hope to get better soon - unless we decide to take action and start questioning our own behaviour.

Therefore, we pledge to take the responsible path to reach our goals with the environment as our first and foremost consideration for everything we do. We are committed to reduce the environmental impact of our actions wherever possible - there may be an easier path, but there is the harder one that involves doing the right thing.

With our garments, we want to celebrate the creative power of human beings, while praising our planet’s resources as mother nature. Using ecologically conscious and ethical materials, arkitaip is about taking less and giving back.

And we want to invite you to take part on a journey that ignites change and inspires to live and love a more conscious life. 

Any questions or just curious? Drop us a line on lea@arkitaip.com or give us a call on +43 664406 1049.