We had a mission: as a mother-daughter duo, our aim was to create garments which could be passed on from generation to generation, loved by old and young. Pieces designed to be aesthetically valued for years to come; something timeless, beautiful and made to last. Inspired by the treasures we find in our family's wardrobe.Aware of the fact that the fashion industry is the second-most polluting industry around, to us it was crucial that the garments we would bring to life, are as harmless to the environment as possible. 

Our design mission therefore turned out to be a quest for a natural, high-quality, and bio-degradable material, which would allow us to one day close the loop of our garment’s lifecycles by giving them back to where they came from: nature.


Ethical, vegan and cruelty free products are our speciality. All of our products are ethically sourced and cruelty free and we have also categorized every product on our shelves so you can shop vegan only with our easy to use drop-down filters. Our vegan makeup primers are ideal for perfect base.


Learn how AMELIA’s natural skin care products was made.