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Our Wash Guide

Our Wash Guide

Although, we do our best to create garments that are made to last, we need you to take good care of them. Oh, and did you know that by looking after your clothes, you're actively reducing your carbon footprint? We thought that's a fact worth sharing with you. 

Here's what you can do to make your clothing last for years to come ...

Rule 1 - Wash less: well, that's simple. Several studies point out that we tend to wash our clothing more often than necessary.

Rule 2 - Spice up your washing techniques: instead of washing your garments, get creative. This will not only increase your piece's longevity but also reduce your carbon footprint. Remove stains manually, air or steam your clothing to freshen them up, or freeze them for 24 hours to get rid of nasty smells and bacteria.

Rule 3 - Wash with love: wash your garments at max. 30° on a gentle wash cycle (400-600 RPM). This is especially important when washing natural fibers like linen as a high-spinning program may break the fabric's fibers and the garment loses its softness! 

Rule 4 - Wash well: when machine-washing your garments, use an eco-friendly detergent and mix them with smaller and larger items so your clothes can “move” more freely, ultimately resulting in a better wash.

Rule 5 - Keep a low profile: restrain from tumble drying your garments - let them air dry - the environment will thank you for your patience.

P.S. Here's our playlist that will keep you all groovy and fresh when washing. 

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