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Our story

A mother daughter-duo

- Lea & Michi -

As a mother-daughter duo, we have decided to venture off to new shores and, together, explore unknown territory. Combining my mum’s unique handcrafting skills and my urge to bring something to life with an impact, we created arkitaip.

With arkitaip, we bring ethically- and environmentally responsible garments to life. Timeless, made to last, and thoughtfully put together by hand. In anticipation that our pieces will one day be passed on from mother to daughter, from generation to generation. Just like the treasures we find in our family's wardrobe and which inspire our creations.

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How it all started

Since I can remember my mother has always had this passion for creating things with her bare hands …from making her own bread and whipping up delicious jams, to knitting the most amazing jumpers – Mami* does it all.

As I don't have the biggest sweet tooth, I was never too impressed with her handcrafting skills - unless she sat down to make me a piece of clothing ... 

When I found an image of my mum in her twenties wearing this beautiful crochet bikini, I had a mission: convince her to make me one. And, it worked.

The result left me speechless (barely happens by the way) – ever since, I am convinced that her extraordinary talent not only needs to be shared with me, but with everybody.

And ultimately, the idea to arkitaip was born.

* Austrian for mum ...

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Become part of our family 

There is this thing my mum has taught me growing up: to never loose or deny our strong bond with nature and the beings that surround us.

So, once I convinced my mum to embark on this exciting journey with me to bring arkitaip to life, it came naturally to us to work and produce in an ethically- and environmentally-responsible way. Plus, with a background in journalism, I am a big believer that only thorough research allows us to make conscious and responsible decisions. 

Aware of the fact that the fashion industry is the second-most polluting industry around, to us it was crucial that the garments we bring to life are as harmless to the environment as possible. Having said that, we are committed to take the responsible path to reach our goals with our planet as the first and foremost consideration for everything we do.

By the way, this is also why we have chosen linen as the primary material of our collection. In case you want to find out more about our product philosophy, click here

Now, that we have come this far, we’d like to invite you to take part on a journey that ignites change and inspires an examined life.

Welcome to our family.

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