You're wondering how to wash linen clothing?

Although we do our best to create garments that are made to last, we need you to take good care of them. And did you know that by looking after your things you're actively reducing your carbon footprint? We thought that's a fact worth sharing!

So, here's what you can do to make your linen pieces last for years to come ...


Choose a mild and preferably organic washing detergent when machine-washing your piece. 


Wash it preferably by hand or at max. 30° and on a gentle wash cycle (400-600 RPM).

This is especially important when washing natural fibers like linen as a high-spinning-program breaks the fabric's fibers and it will lose its softness.


Let your piece air dry - the environment will thank you for your patience


Embrace wrinkles - that's just the nature of linen.

We believe that linen's advantages for your skin and the planet make up for its tiny flaw :)


For the perfectionists: to reduce the wrinkles, hand wash your piece and avoid twisting it.

Rinse it in cool water and allow it to dry flat or placed on a hanger. Iron it inside-out on a high-heat setting. Give your piece some time to cool before storing it.

P.S. Should you ever want to get rid of your arkitaip-piece, please send it back to us (we'll pay for the postage!). In return, you'll get £50-credit to spend on our website. We promise to make sure to close the garment's lifecycle by either recycling it or by finding a new owner.