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The true cost of our garments

The true cost of our garments

Because some of you might wonder why sustainable clothing is usually more expensive and why our pieces have their price, we decided to share the cost break-down of our garments with you. 

And we think that understanding and appreciating the true cost of garments is crucial to learning how to buy less and buy better

P.S. Inspired by the true-cost initiative started by @maisoncléo

On that note, we've something exciting to announce: we signed up to

Meaning that we are committing to donate 1% of all our future sales to the environment!

We're aware of the fact that pretty much every business takes more from the planet than it gives back, however, we want to try even harder!

To find out more about the initiative, click here. 

In case you have further questions, please feel free to get in touch. My email is Should our prices ever change, we'll let you know. 

Thank you,

xx Michi & Lea


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